An Academic Health Sciences Centre (AHSC) is a research and healthcare structure adopted by many of the world’s leading academic institutions and healthcare organisations.

Created to break down barriers and increase cooperation and focus, AHSCs combine basic and translational health research, clinical care and education and work together to create world-leading improvements in healthcare and wellbeing.

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners was first accredited as an AHSC in April 2020 by the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) and NHS England.


Leading international examples of this integrated approach include:

Melbourne Academic Centre for Health

University Health Network (Toronto)

Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) in the United States

Johns Hopkins Medicine in the US

Karolinska Institute in Sweden

UCLA health System (Los Angeles) in the United States

Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands

SingHealth DukeNUS, Academic Medical Centre, Singapore.

AHSCs allow unique partnerships between researchers and healthcare staff working at the front line delivering patient care. This reduces the time it takes the NHS and provider organisations to access new and higher quality treatments.

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