Core Team

Prof Dave Jones, OBE

Director, NHIP Academy

A medical clinical academic, Dave has been leading the development and innovation of health and care research careers for over two decades. He is passionate about opening research training and career development opportunities for future leaders from all career backgrounds, and led, as the Dean for NIHR Academy, the establishment of these opportunities nationally for health and care professionals beyond medicine and dentistry. As the NHIP Academy Director, Dave steers the strategic direction of NHIP Academy, alongside his strong on-the-ground presence with a focus on listening to our members and ensuring the NHIP training offer is tailored to the person.

Dr Niina Kolehmainen

Deputy Director, NHIP Training Academy

Niina is an allied health professional who has grown, through training opportunities funded by NIHR, MRC and the Academy of Medical Sciences, into an interdisciplinary population health scientist. She has supported a range of colleagues across health and care disciplines, including methodologists, to grow careers in research, and contributes expertise to national level innovations to advance training for all disciplines across the health, care and life-sciences landscape. As the NHIP Academy Deputy Director, Niina provides co-leadership to all the Academy’s programmes and activities, and advocates for training opportunities for all across the infrastructure.

Dr Amy Brown

NHIP Academy Manager

Amy oversees the operational aspects of the NHIP Academy and, alongside the Director and Deputy Director, is responsible for the development and delivery of the Academy vision. She has a strong background in research and a wealth of experience in supporting talented people to secure research funding. Amy plays a pivotal role in providing intelligence and advice on career and training opportunities, guidance on external fellowships and developing the Academy structure.

Miriam Lowes

NHIP Academy Administrator and Assistant to Prof Dave Jones, OBE

Miriam has been employed at Newcastle University in Professional Service roles for over 30 years and brings extensive administrative expertise to NHIP Academy. She is Assistant to Professor Dave Jones OBE, in his roles as NHIP Academy Director and Director of Newcastle Centre for Rare Disease. Miriam provides administrative support to the NHIP Academy pillars and the rest of the Academy Team.

Sharon Gilmore

NHIP Academy Operations Coordinator

Sharon brings experience in supporting medical and dental academic trainees through their academic pathway. This spans working with undergraduates, specialised foundation trainees, NIHR Integrated Academic Track (IAT) Academic Clinical Fellows and Lecturers, overseeing the NIHR Bursary process and reimbursement and liaison with the Lead Employer Trust. In addition, Sharon supports mock interview panels for all fellowship applicants working with NHIP Academy across career stages and organises cross-pillar events.

Dr Max Liang

Intelligence and Data Strategy Manager

Max plays a pivotal role in NHIP Academy’s data strategy, focusing on amplifying data sharing among NHIP partners to support capacity building efforts. He is passionate about crafting robust data management systems from various sources and effectively collaborates with our training programmes to harness the power of data intelligence. Max also engages in NHIP Academy’s EDI-related activities and integrating EDI principles into research practices.

Pillar Leadership Team

Medics & Dentists Pillar & Integrated Academic Track (IAT) Lead:

Dr Malcolm Brodlie

With support from:

  • Dr Helen Devine, MBBS Academic Lead
  • Dr Chris Duncan, Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) Lead
  • Dr Rachel Green, Academic Dentistry Lead
  • Mr Sandip Nandhra, Academic Surgery Lead
  • Dr Eugene Tang, Academic Primary and Community Care Lead
  • Prof Gill Vance, Specialised Foundation Programme Lead

Methodologists Pillar Lead

Professor Dawn Teare

NMAHPS, Pharmacists and Healthcare Scientists Pillar Leads:

Professor Lindsay Pennington and Professor Annette Hand

Public Health and Social Care Professionals and Researchers Pillar Leads:

Dr Ruth McGovern, Dr Sarah Sowden and Prof Amy O’Donnell


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