Endocuff Vision

Background and purpose Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of cancer death, causing 16,000 deaths in the UK annually, and mostly arising from pre-cancerous adenomas. Adenomas are detected by colonoscopy and the most important contemporaneous marker of colonoscopy quality is Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR). However, this varies widely between individuals in part […]

Education & Training: Long-term Conditions

Background and Purpose The majority of UK healthcare delivery involves older people with multiple long-term conditions (MLTCs); these topics are therefore of critical relevance to all health and social care professionals. There is increasing recognition of ageing and MLTC as “core business” for the NHS, requiring a fundamental shift in research, training and practice. At […]

Newcastle MIC

Background and Purpose The NIHR Newcastle MIC works closely with innovators to evaluate new diagnostic tests. The high-quality evidence generated drives smooth and rapid adoption into the NHS. It is a key component of Diagnostics North East (DxNE), a bespoke and unique offering that helps developers take high-quality innovations into the NHS. DxNE brings together […]

Robotic Surgery Satellite

The UK has one of the richest health data ecosystems in the world; however it is not always easy to maximise the benefits from this data. Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP) is modelling a new way of partnership working to make more efficient use of this extensive existing data resource.

The Health Innovation Neighbourhood

Our AHSC, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP), is central to the development of a 29-acre site in the west end of Newcastle. The Campus for Ageing and Vitality (CAV) site aims to tackle the major health and societal challenges faced by our population.

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