Ambition 2025

In this blog NHIP Chief Operating Officer, Peter Noble, reflects on “Ambition 2025”, NHIP’s recent celebration event held on 8th June.

Our recent celebration event “Ambition 2025” was an opportunity for us to bring together our partners and stakeholders to reflect on Newcastle Health Innovation Partners’s (NHIP) first year. The event saw 500 registrations from across our partner organisations to hear from the Partnership’s five senior leaders and help shape our future plans.

It was encouraging to see the feedback from delegates during the poll at the event which showed a shared drive and responsibility across our collaborators to working together to reduce health inequalities. NHIP aims to connect research and innovation to wellbeing, inequalities and economic growth by working as a partnership that is stronger than the sum of its parts. The event demonstrated how our five leaders stepped back from their individual organisations to create a collective narrative from scientific discovery to citizen impact.

The seven focus groups followed which kept us grounded and informed on what is important in our future plans and the poll provided a useful insight on proposed topics for our forthcoming series of ‘Lightning Talks’. All this in 60 minutes! NHIP is a young partnership, not yet fully formed, but with an exciting 2025 ambition that strives to create new value in everything we do. So, thank you for your participation at this event as we work together to improve people’s lives across this amazing region.

NHIP Ambition 2025 Progress Report

Watch a recording of the event below:

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