Improving Education into Multiple Long Term Conditions

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners has brought together an Education and Training Group to close the gap between education into ageing and multiple long term conditions (MLTCs) and the needs of the population.

In comparison to the high proportion of people with MLTCs, education and training for these professionals does not adequately reflect the needs of this population. Therefore, graduates entering the NHS and social care workforce do not always have the necessary knowledge and skills to care for people with MLTCs. The majority of UK healthcare delivery involves older people with multiple long-term conditions (MLTC); these topics are therefore of critical relevance to all health and social care professionals.

The Education and Training group will work with existing North-East infrastructure to translate academic expertise about ageing and multiple long-term conditions (MLTCs) into robust education and training across regional undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The NIHR Newcastle Clinical Education Incubator will support this work through the development of key research questions to determine how education and training about MLTCs can be improved.

Based on existing exemplars of good practice across the region, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners aims to expand and improve education and training about MLTCs across programmes.

The ambition of the group is to draw together evidence-based recommendations which can be discussed with national regulators of health and social care education and training in order to roll-out better learning about MLTCs nationally.

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