Levelling Up White Paper – Building on success

Responding to the Government’s landmark Levelling Up White Paper, our Chief Officer, Peter Noble, shares his views.

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP) brings together leading clinicians and academics to improve the health of the region. Through new ways of working across partners, we have been successful in attracting new funding to improve our research, education and innovation.

The levelling up agenda highlighted by the Government’s White Paper will help our partners build on such success, attracting investment to improve the quality of life of our citizens. Such examples include:

  • Working with local citizens by listening to the concerns of seldom heard groups and to inform the future delivery of health and social care services and new areas of research
  • Working with partners to attract industry and new investment, to create employment and new skill opportunities for the local population
  • Building on our academic and clinical excellence, we will be targeting the levelling-up growth of research and development funding in the North, which helps activities that brings our population to levels of health enjoyed by the rest of the UK.

As Newcastle is nationally recognised as only one of two Academic Health Science Centres in the North of England, it provides confidence to government and our population that new funding from levelling up will be spent wisely and effectively to make a difference to the regions health and wellbeing.

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