Newcastle University Leaders to Support NHIP Sub Committees

The NHIP has appointed Senior Professional Services leaders from Newcastle University as Programme Leads for three of their sub committees.

The NHIP sub committees have been established to work towards the NHIP’s strategic priorities; Research and Translation, Economic Growth and People and Culture.

The Programme Lead roles will play a key part in supporting the activity of the sub committees in realising the opportunities and ambitions of the NHIP by providing programme oversight and management and by ensuring that the work of these groups is highlighted for the benefit of all NHIP partners.

The Programme Leads for the three NHIP sub committees are as follows:

  • Kay Howes, Head of Faculty Research, will work closely with Prof John Isaacs as Chair of the Research Innovation Strategy Group;
  • Liz Wood, Head of Operations, will work with Prof Andy Fisher as Chair of the People & Culture Group; and,
  • Muriel Snowdon, Deputy Director of Faculty Operations, will work with Prof Dave Jones, Chair of the Education & Training Group.

Muriel Snowdon, Deputy Director of Faculty Operations, commented: ‘It is exciting to be a part of this important partnership and to help play a role in its future success.  I have worked at Newcastle for many years, and I intend bringing my knowledge of the operations of education/medical education to support the group.  Equally, for me personally, I see this as a fantastic learning and development opportunity’.

Katharine Rogers, Director of Faculty Operations, said, ‘I am really pleased that Muriel, Liz and Kay have been given this opportunity.  Between them they have over 70 years of experience of the educational and research agenda within an HEI setting.  It will be good for this team, and the Faculty/University, to work with colleagues across the partnership, to broaden their networks, build their skills and understanding, and to contribute to this extremely important initiative.’

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