NHIP Lightning Talk: Improving health and reducing inequalities: we need to start much earlier!

The latest NHIP Lightning Talk from Dr Niina Kolehmainen and Dr Sunil Bhopal drew a fascinating discussion about improving health and reducing inequalities, and the need for intervention to start as early as possible.

So how can NHIP, and partners across the region, work to radically improve health and wellbeing for our population? Niina and Sunil believe that a revolution in thinking is required and that we must start “early”. By which we mean, prevention, and promoting health and wellbeing from the very earliest moments of pre-conception, through pregnancy, and those crucial pre-school years allowing every individual to meet their potential.

The session highlighted the immense contributions the people of the region have already made to the field of early-life and life-course health, and speakers put forward an ambitious vision for the next 15 years.

Watch the Lightning Talk in full via the recording below:


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