The Importance of Team Science and Systems Leadership in Biomedical and Health Research

In response to the Academy of Medical Sciences 2020 report – Transforming Health Through Innovation: Integrating the NHS and Academia, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners hosted the inaugural joint ARMA UK and NHS R&D Forum Round Table, focussing on the importance of Team Science and Systems Leadership in biomedical and health research.

The session, which included speakers from Newcastle Health Innovation Partners, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Health Research Authority, had over 120 registered attendees from University and NHS Research Management across the UK.

The session reflected on lessons learned in research from the COVID-19 pandemic, where true systems leadership enabled the NHS to be the first healthcare system in the world to offer COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020. Newcastle showcased its involvement in the Oxford Vaccine trial, highlighting the importance of Team Science and paid homage to the unsung heroes of the trial including the Research Managers, Clinical Trial Co-Ordinators, R&D Officers and Participants.

Angela Topping, Head of the Newcastle Joint Research Office who helped organise and presented at the session said “This inaugural session was very well received. It gave Newcastle the opportunity to showcase its ability, through true systems leadership and team science in research, to demonstrate real impact in healthcare outcomes. It was the first of what will be many more opportunities to bring colleagues from the Academic and NHS research communities together to shape and support the UK Research and Innovation landscape through collaboration, teamwork and true common purpose.”

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