Working together to help to reduce health inequalities by Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health in Gateshead and Newcastle

Alice Wiseman

I have worked in a broad range of senior public health roles across Tyne and Wear and I am passionate about improving health and wellbeing with a particular focus on tackling the unfair inequalities faced by some communities. I believe that effective action to address these inequalities requires dedicated effort across the determinants of health and by working with our partners we can make positive changes for all our communities.

I am driven by the injustice that two babies, born on the same day and the same hospital, can experience such different life chances, due entirely to the circumstances into which they are born.

My approach is firmly rooted in the belief that people, in their own communities, can contribute to solving the issues of inequality; firstly, through sharing lived experience and secondly, through identifying innovative and creative ways to improve outcomes for their community.

I am involved in the production of research evidence and in 2022 I led a collaboration between Gateshead Council and Newcastle University which secured a five-year NIHR contract with the Health Determinants Research Collaborative. Research priorities have focussed on opportunities to gain a better understanding of the lived experience, and impact of, Government policy on people in some of the most disadvantaged communities. Using research to give a voice to people who are least likely to be heard, and often easiest to ignore, is central to my work in tackling inequalities at a local level.

I am a Vice President for ADPH and the policy lead for addictions. In this role I work closely with national colleagues and have given evidence to several All-Party Parliamentary Groups and a Parliamentary Committee.

I am proud that as part of NHIP we are collectively working towards a common goal of improving the lives of local people by addressing health inequalities and generating economic growth for the city.

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