Newcastle Health Innovation Partners brings together partners with the expertise to lead in the discovery, manufacture and delivery of advanced therapies. This will include delivery of genetically modified therapies to patients with a range of malignant, immuno-inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

The NHIP will work via the Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre (NAATTC), a consortium of 20 industry, NHS and academic organisations, led by Newcastle Hospitals and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service. Investment into people and the infrastructure will position NHIP as a UK leader in developing and delivering new cell therapies, in partnership with life science companies.

NAATTC will accelerate patient access to, and build systems for, the manufacture and delivery of innovative cell and gene therapies. This will enable the provision of more personalised, innovative therapeutic approaches into clinical practice, which will improve the health outcomes in patients.

New, innovative approaches to clinical trials are being devised, including novel adaptable trial designs; developing new wearable and immersive technologies and creating virtual controls that will deliver life-changing personalised therapies.

Emerging areas of Research & Innovation

NHIP has a flexible and dynamic structure able to respond to emerging areas of research and innovation through our Research Satellites. These Satellites are cross-partner groups focused on a particular healthcare need, disease area or technology, with a view to:

  • Increased health & social care benefit
  • Improved competitiveness & reputation

Current examples include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Advanced therapeutics
  • Robotic surgery

Measures of progress for each Satellite will be monitored as part of the NHIP Delivery Plan.

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