We are building a culture of collaborative working across the partnership to share common values, best practice and support cross-partner initiatives. By ensuring people and culture are central to our agenda, we will build a resilient, skilled workforce and create local economic opportunities.

NHIP will establish an ambitious NHIP 2025 Delivery Plan, which will engage ‘people’ in its widest sense from staff, patients, citizens and students. The People and Culture workstream will establish the structure for partnership working across the wider Integrated Care System to achieve benefits to the regional population.

The NHIP 2025 Delivery Plan for the People & Culture portfolio will be built on the following initiatives that are trackable with performance metrics.

1. The Way We Connect to the Needs of Patients and Populations

Identify, celebrate, disseminate and embed improvements in patients and population outcomes and support patient and citizen engagement through VOICE.

2. The Way We Work

NHIP will function as an integrated system to engage with partners and stakeholders and ensure the NHIP Strategy and Delivery Plan is embedded in Partner institutions from Boards to frontline staff.

3. The Way We Govern

NHIP Strategy Board will focus on strategy, performance, planning, people and risk. Performance tracking against agreed Delivery Plans will occur on a quarterly basis.

4. The Way We Plan

Establish an integrated approach for integrated workforce planning across the partnership, building on excellence and critical mass to meet the needs of citizens.

5. The Way We Develop Careers

Focus on long-term career models and include a regional Non-Medical Allied Health Professional clinical research strategy to support career development and establish joint clinical academic posts. The development is in partnership with the NIHR Clinical Research Network and Health Education England.

6. The Way We Consider the Future World of Work

Identify opportunities to align with other organisations to reduce inequalities and improve health and economic growth across the region. Aligning resources, developing flexible and agile working and less duplication of effort is a collective goal for NHIP.

7. The Way We Cultivate Future Leaders

NHIP will facilitate and support development programmes across the Partnership and wider Integrated Health System by harnessing potential leaders through joint activities across partners that include, horizon scanning, mentorship, problem-solving and the role of the future leader in today’s innovation-driven economy

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