Health and care academic career development is a major focus of Newcastle Health Innovation Partners. The NHIP Academy represents a flagship part of the whole NHIP programme. The vision of the NHIP partners is to become a sector leader, with the definitive UK health and care academic careers development programme.

Our focus is on driving inclusive career development of the most promising leaders, across disciplines and backgrounds. Clinicians from medical, dental, pharmacy, allied health, healthcare sciences and nursing professions already form an essential part of our research and education community. Moving forward, we are extending our programmes into the areas of public health, social care and applied research methodology to reflect emerging national opportunities and priorities.  Working together, Newcastle aims to be a world leading clinical and health research centre translating scientific research into health and wellbeing benefits for all.

We want more clinicians, healthcare professionals and methodologists to engage in research. We provide a variety of support including training and development. Our clinical academic training programmes are highly regarded nationally as providing high quality opportunities and mentorship.

Our four key health and care academic training programmes are:

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To discuss training opportunities please contact the NHIP Training Academy.

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